Web Design is ever changing and staying on top of what proves to  be effective tomorrow should be one of a brand's primary concerns. Your website is a tool and you have to get people to click, sign up, order and more. I have an intuitive and unique multi-step process that sets your brand's website up to do the job it was meant to do. Ask me about it sometime! I would love to help your brand grow and get your website where it can do more of the work for you!

While at The A Group, I managed the User Experience and User Interface development for tons of web sites. Click on the graphics to visit the sites below to see some of those outcomes.

Services: Creative Direction, Messaging, Design, Creative Consultation for  Visual Brand, Video and Web

Agency: The A Group, Thomas Nelson, Freelance

The works displayed on this site are meant solely to exhibit my skills and expertise and are acknowledged with respect to, and as work done on behalf of my current employer, my previous employers, as well as accomplished as an independent contractor.